Founded in 2005 through shared common goals, HERM Logic is a boutique project management, procurement and supply chain business process outsourcing (P&SC-BPO) service Company.

We are an independent practice, wholly owned by our practicing partners. We are not part of a group, and the Partners continue to worked on both sides of the buy and sell relationship across multiple industries and markets - worldwide.

The HERM Logic team comprises of specialists; individually and collectively, each team member is selected for their expertise and understanding of the field in which the client operates.

Our Approach

As founding Partners, our approach is to provide best spoke services tailored to each of our clients' needs, and to ensure their continues growth at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

As such, we are able to provide truly impartial objective advice to our clients. > [re. BPO Services]

Our risk and value focused approach supports our clients by delivering financially robust advice and solutions throughout the project, procurement and supply chain lifecycle.

Our expertise enables us to advice on the full range of strategies to minimise costs and reduce waste from end-to-end without sacrificing value across key areas of flow.

P&SC (Procurement & Supply Chain):
We have developed proven strategic sourcing and sourcing strategy plans to go-to-market, to address supply risk, to mitigate enterprise risk, to identify roadblocks, barriers and leakages, to identify lean opportunities (outsourcing) - to reduce the total cost, and to deliver year-on-year negotiated and realised savings that can be traced back to a project, business unit and clients profit and loss (P&L) statement.

Our next generation group aggregated procurement (GAP) program continues to deliver, year-on-year, between 10% and 35% in negotiated and realised savings to GAP Members. > [re. GAP Program]

Building CE&R (Construction, Extension & Renovation):
With our cloud collaboration software (SaaS app), owners and investor groups will receive scheduled progress reports at each stage of development, while the GC (General Contractor) and sub-contractors are provided with reat-time accrss to critical information, inclding documents, plans, schedulas, progress reports ... and more - all on their 'smart mobile devices'. > [re. PM4Reno Program]

Practice Expertise
o Business Continuity Planning
o Business Process Management
o Commonwealth & State Procurement Guidelines
o Consultative Business Development
o Contracts Management & Due-diligence
o Direct (Head) & Indirect (Tail) Category Management
o Enterprise Risk Management
o E-Procurement
o Lean Manufacturing & Management
o Probity Consulting
o Project Management
o Procurement & Supplier Management
o Sales & Operation Planning
o Stakeholder Management
o Strategic Sourcing and Outsourcing
o Supply Chain Management; and
o Tender Management (RFI, RFP, RFQ)

Industry Expertise
o Aggriculture
o Construction
o Defence
o Imports & Exports
o Logistics & Distribution
o Manufacturing
o Mining
o Technology (IT/ICT)
o Travel, Events & Hospitality
o Wholesale & Retail