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Group1:  Procurement and Supply Chain
Group2: Construction and Manufacturing
Group3: Technology

1: Procurement and Supply Chain

#1.1: Group Aggregated Procurement (GAP) – Managed Service

GAP, aka Collaborative Procurement is a means to deliver greater efficiencies through combined purchasing power, and with SME’s of all industries* under pressure in a globally competitive world – we are able to deliver more for less…

*[Industries] : Construction, Manufacturing, Logistics, Technology,

#1.2:   How China Weaponized the Global Supply Chain

China’s dominance of global manufacturing rests on a triad of commercial capabilities that emerged as by-products of the country’s industrialization… thus enabling the country to offer foreign companies the convenience of one-stop shopping – low-cost production and reliable global distribution.

*[Industries] : Construction, Manufacturing, Logistics, Technology,

2: Construction and Manufacturing

#2.1:   Beginnings Guide to Cold Formed Steel (CFS) Framing.

New to cold-formed steel, or haven’t used it in a while?
In this eBook, you’ll learn what CFS is and how it can benefit your next construction project.

#2.2:   Strength in the Face of Disaster:
How Cold-Formed Steel Framing Keeps Buildings Safe

Fires, floods, cold weather, and other natural disasters have the potential to not only delay a building project, but destroy it before it is even completed. Learn how the use of CFS can keep buildings safe and projects on track.

#2.3:   How Cold-Formed Steel Framing Solves Design Challenges for Architects

In architecture, material choice is key. It affects the overall look of a building, of course — but it can also help solve complex design challenges. Our new eBook highlights five unique projects that were completed successfully with CFS framing.

 #2.4:  Cold-Formed Steel Framing: Engineering the Details of Your Next Project

The success of any construction project often comes down to details. Our eBook will help you address the technical aspects of designing with and engineering cold-formed steel framing.

#2.5:  Cold-Formed Steel Trusses: Design, Performance, and Advantages

Over the life of a project, cold-formed steel trusses provide many advantages over other framing systems. In this eBook, learn how cold-formed steel trusses can help you meet your project goals.

3: Technology