Managed Services

Aligning, managing and motivating your suppliers is, well… hard.

It requires a significant investment of time, money, knowledge, capability, skills, tools and commercial nous to get it right… and to keep it right!

Our suite of Managed Services and technology solutions, alleviates the burden of having to build and maintain everything you need to get the most out of your suppliers.

HOW we can assist in your business growth

In a globalised market, the HERM Logic team comprises of specialists. Individually and collectively, each team applies best practice and their collective expertise to understanding your KPI’s and KSI’s; and through transparency and accountability – we deliver negotiated savings and realised benefits to your business; and to your bottom-line.

Group Aggregated Procurement (GAP Program)

Our next generation BPO (business process outsourcing) managed services is the catalyst that enables both sides of business – where
Buyers can source smarter and buy smarter from current suppliers, preferred suppliers and new suppliers withing a robust agile quality assured managed service; and
Suppliers can sell smarter to preferred buyers within a sustainable strategic alliances that secure sales + growth.
The Program continues to deliver year-on-year – between 10% and 35% in negotiated and realized savings to Members.


The value of HERM Logics’  managed services is realized through optimizing and linking disparate processes seamlessly into your current business – without the usual upfront costs, the ongoing implementation and management cost, including gaps, barriers and headaches associated with transformation cost.

This is our Next Generation Managed Service Guarantee to you!

Industry Expertise

o Agriculture
o Building & Construction, including Modular/Pre-Fab Construction
o Federal & State Government
o Imports & Exports Clearance
o Logistics & Distribution
o Low Cost Country Sourcing
o Manufacturing
o Mining
o Technology (IT/ICT)
o Wholesale & Retail