WHY PM4Reno?

We use best technology and practice to deliver projects to scope, on-time, and at the lowest total cost... more
HOW we do it!

By disrupting the status quo. At 'no cost' to you, we will review your builders + tradespeople quotes and contracts ... more
WHAT we do!

We provide owner + investors with end-to-end managed services + critical information about your projects at every stage of build ... more

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WHY PM4Reno?
It's all about delivering 'value-for-money' to the customer

In everything we do, we look to improve process, reduce cost, manage risk and deliver to scope. As such, PM4Reno was established to provide home owners and first-time and experienced investors who are looking to build, extend, renovate or developelop, with a FREE (No Catch & No Obligation!) 2nd opinion on project cost, risk and issues. You walk away with a comparable alternative that saves you time, money and stress.

[Your Project Team]
It takes skills, experience, communication, co-ordination and management of many trades and professional services to deliver a project to scope, on-time and at the lowest total cost. To do this, you need a great team behind you!

Our managed services (your one-stop shop team) include, but not limited to,
Town Planners: development, structural and comprehensive plans
Architects: residential, commercial, industrial and landscape design
Construction Engineers: building, mechanical, electrical and surveyors
Designers & Decorators: internal, external and green design
Cost Estimation & Quantity Surveyors
Legal Services: with building and construction practice experience
Project Management: site manager, project coordinator and contract administrator
Principal Certifying Authority: an independent accredited certifier to ensure your project has been built in accordance with the approved building plans.

[Our Heritage]
In 1995, we were contracted by the Government of Vietnam to refurbish their ailing cinema theatres into state-of-the-art modern cinema complexes. We have learnt a lot since then. PM4Reno is a reflection of our ongoing evolution, and represents our next generation of bespoke managed services.

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HOW we do it!
By disrupting the status quo

At no cost, we will review your builders and/or trade quotes and contracts covering prime cost and provisional sum for all items (labour, material, fixtures, fittings, appliances) and all other costs, including builders margin.

Following the review, and with your consent, we will go-to-market to secure better costs, and to find realised savings from same or comparable goods and services from:

• Quoted Suppliers

Builders, tradies and suppliers who have given you their proposal and best price;

• Preferred Suppliers
These are builders, tradies and suppliers that you would prefer to have working on your project; and/or

• New Suppliers
These include, but are not limited to local or regional suppliers, builders and tradies, and even highly skilled artisans.
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WHAT we do!
We provide critical information for decision making

Through our selection criteria and due-diligence process, we provide home owners and property investors with critical information to make an informed decision; from selecting the right builder and tradespeople to the little things, like what colour to paint or to stain your letter-box.

We do this through better communication, full transparency, and access to our project management application, so that you can see what we see across each stage of progress - from-end-to-end!
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Contract & Project Management

With our cloud collaboration software, home owners, property investors and stakeholders have 24/7 access to project schedules, stage progress, all corresspondence - all in one place, from start-to-finish.

For the general contractor/builder, sub-contractors and the tradies, the application provides real-time access to critical information about the project. This includes,

Project Documents: Approvals, Permits, Reports, Notices, Surveys, etc.

Building Plans: Up-to-date plans that can be downloaded to a smart device - phone, iPad, tablet, etc.

Project Schedule: Up-to-date visibility on who's doing what, when and where at the site, including overlapping jobs.

Reporting: Progress report, and report sharing between contractors, tradies on each job and related tasks.

Image Gallery: You can see updated photo/s of each stage, as we go from ground up to hand-over!

Our collaboration software (SaaS app) gives PM4Reno complete visibility over your project and the DCP (Detailed Programme to Completion). This includes the project plans and progress across each stage of development, including likely risk and issues, thus ensuring your project is delivered to the scope of work, on-time, and at the lowest total cost. > Download PDF
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PM4Reno Supply Quality Warranty

HERM Logic/PM4Reno will use best practice to source, secure and supply building material, fixtures, fittings, components and appliances from world-class manufacturers and their suppliers / agents.

A Must Read Report: 'click' to download Australia Industry Group report about "Non-Conforming Building Products" in todays residential and commercial buildings.
PM4Reno Fit-for-Purpose Warranty

Licensed Tradespeople
Based on our selection criteria and due-diligence, all tradespeople engaged by PM4Reno on your project are industry certified, insured, and licensed tradespeople with 10+ years experience.

Workmanship and Fit-for-Purpose Warranty
All work completed by a PM4Reno general contractor (GC) and sub-contractor (SC) is supported by GC & SC fit-for-purpose Warranty.
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Our mission at PM4Reno is to deliver your project
to scope, on-time, and at the lowest total cost
This is our Next Generation Managed Services Commitment to You!

John C. Musster