The GEC (Global Economic Crisis), as a result of GFC, has led to a global commercial war without boundaries. To compete successfully in this new age economy, a shrinking global market, business need efficient and productive FTE1 workforce. A workforce with all the necessary 'new skills and expertise' - including, business and people management disciplines - at the right time and at the right place - if business is to convert opportunities into tangible commercial gains - while delivering sustainable outcomes at the lowest total cost.

For most business, big and small, driving sustainable change, which is both agile and robust, to address challengers in this 'brave new world'; managing cost; payroll budgets; recruiting and retaining talented staff - is an ongoing YOY (Year-on-Year) challenge at all levels of management.

Solution: HERM Logics' flexible FTE-E (aka: Contingent Workforce) Program

Through a robust and agile FTE-E Program1; our Procurement Competency (Staffing) Framework2; and a mutually and confidential Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), including Scope of Work / Statement of Work (SOW), HERM Logics FTE Employee (Contingent Workforce) Program can deliver, manage and maintain ongoing core-services to your business - while reducing business FTE employee cost by up to 50%.

Within a fully managed BPO services, we could further reduce this cost by up to 100%.

1 FTE: Full-Time Equivalent employees equal the number of employees on full-time schedules plus the number of employees
on part-time schedules converted to a full-time basis within an enterprise.
2 BPO Services: Procurement Competency Framework is a 'role defining guide' produced by HERM Logic; and covers - Typical Role
Behavior, Management & Leadership Responsibility, Decision Making, Accountability, Personal Attributes, Desired Qualifications,
Core-Competence's and Technical Competence's across 6 Operational Levels. The Levels are,
Level 0: Administration Officer / Support Office
Level 1: Purchasing Officer / Buyer
Level 2: Procurement Officer / Senior Buyer / Analyst/Advisor
Level 3: Procurement Specialist / Procurement Manager / Senior Analyst/Advisor
Level 4: Senior Procurement Manager / Deputy Chief Procurement Officer / Head of Category/Procurement
Level 5: Director of Operation / Chief Procurement Officer

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