As a boutique P&SC-BPO (Procurement & Supply Chain - Business Process Outsourcing) Service company, we have worked on both sides of the buy and sell relationship for private, public and government business across multiple industries and markets - specifically to provide deliberate, strategic, customer driven and ongoing services to our clients - big and small.

Unlike typical outsourcing, this is not just about outsourcing your business process work to us. It's about accessing market and category knowledge, expertise, the right people and the necessary processes and tools to do what you have to do, well.

Through robust and agile P&SC Plans and data visualization tools - which starts with a mutually agreed to BASE©1 Plan, our P&SC and FTE Team (skilled staff & subject matter experts') have managed annual spends2 ranging from $2Million3 to $600Million4; coordinated and aggregated purchasing across organizations; minimized supplier numbers; cut-down on maverick and "off-contact" spending; leveraged BI (Business Intelligence) to guide demand based purchasing; provided solutions to, and formulated key supplier partnering (regional / global) agreements, stoped leakages; and removed business barriers, including gaps in flow to enabled our Client business to:

deliver more internal and external
customer satisfaction;
through increase efficiency of the supply chain

more competitiveness and profitability
through better supplier performance improvement, reduce costs and retaining the best value;

increase customer acquisition and retention;
through timely delivery of goods and services; and reducing post sales service cost

ensure year-on-year sustainable growth.
through improved overall procurement performance; attaining greater control; and reporting on compliance

As such, our BPO services are a game changer for business looking to reduce cost and focus on their core business offerings to their end-customer.

1 BASE: Business Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement Plan, © HERM Logic

2 Spends: Direct & Indirect Category Spends or Head & Tail Spends

3 Bowin Designs: Domestic appliance Manufacture, Sydney, Australia > Spend Under Management (SUM): $1.8 million

4 Serco Group: LSX & ASX listed multinational, offices in over 30 countries > Spend Under Management (SUM): $590 million

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