Managed Services

Aligning, managing and motivating your suppliers is, well… hard.

It requires a significant investment of time, money, knowledge, capability, skills, tools and commercial nous to get it right… and to keep it right!

Our suite of Managed Services and technology solutions, alleviates the burden of having to build and maintain everything you need to get the most out of your suppliers.

HOW we can assist in your business growth

In a globalised market, the HERM Logic team comprises of specialists. Individually and collectively, each team applies best practice and their collective expertise to understanding your KPI’s and KSI’s; and through transparency and accountability – we deliver negotiated savings and realised benefits to your business; and to your bottom-line.

Group Aggregated Procurement (GAP Program)

Our next generation BPO (business process outsourcing) managed services is the catalyst that enables both sides of business – where
Buyers can source smarter and buy smarter from current suppliers, preferred suppliers and new suppliers withing a robust agile quality assured managed service; and
Suppliers can sell smarter to preferred buyers within a sustainable strategic alliances that secure sales + growth.
The Program continues to deliver year-on-year – between 10% and 35% in negotiated and realized savings to Members.


The value of HERM Logics’  managed services is realized through optimizing and linking disparate processes seamlessly into your current business – without the usual upfront costs, the ongoing implementation and management cost, including gaps, barriers and headaches associated with transformation cost.

This is our Next Generation Managed Service Guarantee to you!

Industry Expertise

o Agriculture
o Building & Construction, including Modular/Pre-Fab Construction
o Federal & State Government
o Imports & Exports Clearance
o Logistics & Distribution
o Low Cost Country Sourcing
o Manufacturing
o Mining
o Technology (IT/ICT)
o Wholesale & Retail

Least Cost Framework

Least Cost Framework [practice]
» e.g. EPC [engineering, procurement, construction]

Our strategic least cost to build + supply chain framework have solved some key challengers in today’s EPC industry by aligning key outcomes –
» Supply;
» Lead-time;
» Industry Compliance; and
» Cost
to deliver LCB (least cost to business/build).

3 Step LG Steel Framework

Step 1: Take-off Assessment

We undertake a CBA (cost benefits assessment) to understand –
• Material Cost
• Labour Cost
• Equipment + Transport Cost
• Wastage Cost

Step 2: Benchmarking

Applying the Six Sigma framework, bench-marking delivers further clarity –
• Key material suppliers and cost
• Labour skills and cost
• Cost of equipment and transport
• Key Areas of Risk: Wastage, leaks and risk barriers – onsite and off-site.
• Key Areas for Improvement – onsite and off-site

Step 3a: Single Item Price-book
i.e. Framing

By applying ‘value-based pricing’ to the cost of framing across a project plan, or in the case of project builder, across multiple plans, HERM Logic takes a holistic approach to apply strategic + tactical sourcing / outsourcing managed services (MS) to deliver least cost to build (LCB) for framing.

Step 3b: Bundle Items Price-book
i.e. Framing + Doors and Windows

Apply value based pricing to bundling, we take a more inclusive approach to streamlining the processors across the supply chain – from managing project risk and issues -to- fabrication and transport logistics -to- ensuring all KPIs’ and KSIs’ are fully addressed.
» Compliance to SoW;
» On-time delivery; and
» Lower cost to build.

Framework in Practice
i.e. Light Gauge Steel Framing

Together with HERM Built, we offer a full steel framing solution with a team of specialist structural steel fabricators to ensure fabrication and building is constructed to the high standard set out within the BCA (Building Codes Australia) and AS/NZ Standards.
» 4600/2005: Cold-formed steel structures
» 4100: Steel structures
» 3623: Domestic Metal Framing [Industry Standard: >0.75mm]; and
» 1397/2001: Steel Sheet & Strip-Hot-dip Zinc Coating – comprising of,
• G550 Grade Steel with Guaranteed minimum yield strength >550MPa
• AZ150 Aluminium Zinc coating @ 150/M2
» While we use >0.95mm as our standard Steel Sheet to produce our SmartFrames – Wall, Joists, Roof – we will also produce in >0.75mm (Industry Minimum Standard), or in 1.05mm on request.

All of our work is carried out by a professional coded workforce, all of whom are experts in their field, so that you can put your trust in a reputable, committed team from HERM Group.

How We Produce Your SmartFrames

The Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) Building Process

How We Assembly The Steel Frame

The Construction of a Residential Building

Bella Rise Estate, Riverstone, NSW

» Download LGSF Information Brochure


PDF’s for Downloading

Group1:  Procurement and Supply Chain
Group2: Construction and Manufacturing
Group3: Technology

1: Procurement and Supply Chain

#1.1: Group Aggregated Procurement (GAP) – Managed Service

GAP, aka Collaborative Procurement is a means to deliver greater efficiencies through combined purchasing power, and with SME’s of all industries* under pressure in a globally competitive world – we are able to deliver more for less…

*[Industries] : Construction, Manufacturing, Logistics, Technology,

#1.2:   How China Weaponized the Global Supply Chain

China’s dominance of global manufacturing rests on a triad of commercial capabilities that emerged as by-products of the country’s industrialization… thus enabling the country to offer foreign companies the convenience of one-stop shopping – low-cost production and reliable global distribution.

*[Industries] : Construction, Manufacturing, Logistics, Technology,

2: Construction and Manufacturing

#2.1:   Beginnings Guide to Cold Formed Steel (CFS) Framing.

New to cold-formed steel, or haven’t used it in a while?
In this eBook, you’ll learn what CFS is and how it can benefit your next construction project.

#2.2:   Strength in the Face of Disaster:
How Cold-Formed Steel Framing Keeps Buildings Safe

Fires, floods, cold weather, and other natural disasters have the potential to not only delay a building project, but destroy it before it is even completed. Learn how the use of CFS can keep buildings safe and projects on track.

#2.3:   How Cold-Formed Steel Framing Solves Design Challenges for Architects

In architecture, material choice is key. It affects the overall look of a building, of course — but it can also help solve complex design challenges. Our new eBook highlights five unique projects that were completed successfully with CFS framing.

 #2.4:  Cold-Formed Steel Framing: Engineering the Details of Your Next Project

The success of any construction project often comes down to details. Our eBook will help you address the technical aspects of designing with and engineering cold-formed steel framing.

#2.5:  Cold-Formed Steel Trusses: Design, Performance, and Advantages

Over the life of a project, cold-formed steel trusses provide many advantages over other framing systems. In this eBook, learn how cold-formed steel trusses can help you meet your project goals.

3: Technology