Trusted Managed Services (MS)
The value of our managed services to you is realized through optimizing and linking your business wants to seamlessly delivering ongoing negotiated savings and realized benefits that you can trace to the bottom line of each and every sale, and/or a completed project.
Why, How & What...
WHY we do it!
To deliver a competitive advantage to your business.
HOW we do it!
Through collaboration. We take a whole-of-business approach to underpin our MS frameworks to yours.
WHAT we do
We deliver negotiated savings and realized value benefits that you can trace to your P&L Statement!
Demonstrated Experience
Since 2005, we have taken a holistic and consultative approach to business assessment and stakeholder engagement (BASE). Together with DPSTIR, we have delivered successful managed services (MS), and on-going value to SME's, corporate business, multinationals and to government agencies across Asia-Pacific.

Our Services

We Manage Procurement
while you manage your core business

Tender and Contract Negotiation

For micro-enterprises, for small to medium enterprises, and for some medium to large enterprises... having a professional procurement business unit to implement and manage procurement and supply chain frameworks that is dynamic, robust, agile, and can deliver sustainable outcomes at the least cost to business (LCB) can be challenging.

Our procurement managed service (MS) gives access to expertise, supply-market knowledge, practice experience, tools, and techniques to freeing your staff and cross-functional manager to focus 100% of their time in:
[1] promoting the business and its value services;
[2] delivering promised outcomes to your valued customers; and
[3] growing the business

Due deliligence & Contract Management

In an ever evolving 'global supply chain' with new supply risk... knowing Who made What, When and Where... is critical to understanding and ensuring that the goods procured will continue to be:
(a) competitively priced; and
(b) comply to AS/NZ Standards and Warranty.

In addition, the supplier will hold sufficient stock of each product they have sold to underpin their warranty commitment, and will upgrade or replace the product during warranty period - are critical 'risk and issue' measures that must be weighted.

And the supplier is financially robust with a strong commitment to R&D, and to support the product against DoA and ELF and all likely product claims.

Vendor Management & Contract Review

The Nuances of Business:
Each industry that we operate in has its nuances. And so does the supplies who supply the industry. Therefore, building a holistic picture of the vendor/s and what it delivers to your organization is 'critical' to the 'business assessment and stakeholder engagement (BASE) process.

Next, is our 'governance framework. Through DRPSTIR (define, role, performance, strategy, tactical, implementation, review) we communicate across the organisation and key stakeholders - with agreement on key point of procurement, supply and balanced review. Through the managed frameworks, we set the stage for extracting more value from the strategic and collaborative relationship.

Our Portfolio

Collaborative Managed Services

Clean Energy
Clean Energy

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Solar Solutions
Since 2019, we have locally sourced and supplied competitively priced major brand PV hardware (modules, inverters, battery storage and mounting components) to Clean Energy Council (CEC) Certified Installers.
:: for more information: HERM Tech Logic:

Building & Construction
Building & Construction

Residential and Commercial Projects
With building and contractions project sourcing and supply experience going back to 1995, we have delivered competitively priced and industry compliant building materials, including 'smart home and office' solutions.
:: for more information: HERM Built:

Professional Services
Professional Services

Consulting & Stakeholder Engagement
Aligning, managing and motivating your suppliers is... hard.
For most enterprises, it requires a significant investment of time, money, knowledge, capability, skills, tools and commercial nous to get it right… and to keep it right!
Our suite of Managed Services and technology solutions, alleviates the burden of having to build and maintain everything you need to get the most out of your suppliers.

Major Clients
- NSW Dept. Finance, Services, Innovation [DFSI]
- Serco [Asia Pacific]
- Australian Defence Force [ADF]
- Australia Post

Managed Services
Managed Services

HOW we can assist in your business growth in a globalised market?

The HERM Logic team comprises of specialists. Individually and collectively, each team applies best practice and their collective expertise to understanding your KPI’s and KSI’s; and through transparency and accountability – we deliver negotiated savings and realised benefits to your business; and to your bottom-line.

The value of HERM Logics’ managed services is realised through optimising and linking our processes seamlessly into your current business... without the usual upfront costs, ongoing implementation cost, and the headaches associated with transformation cost... this is our Next Generation Managed Service (MS) Guarantee to you!


What clients say...

Jason Lim

John is a gifted visionary who was able to consider probability consequence, put forward viable options and deliver tangible results
:: Business Service:
Global deployment of time critical push/pull mobile services

Jason Lim CEO, NTEL Corporation [Singapore]
Nigel Waters

I had the pleasure of nearly working with John but as such, did see his work at close hand. The thing that strikes you about him is that he is not just an ‘ideas man’; we all have moments of inspiration from time to time (don’t we??) but John clearly has the ability to see things through to fruition i.e. taking a good idea and making it happen. I am convinced that John will finish up being hugely successful and my only regret is that it is unlikely to be me or my company that will benefit!

Nigel Waters International Business Director, Australia and New Zealand
Adam Maxted

John’s brief was to assist our entry into the Australian market, firstly by conducting a thorough evaluation of the media and legal regulations relating to premium rate ‘phone services’ and then secondly, to assist in the securing of a joint venture partner. Initially, with only limited knowledge of the audiotext industry, John was quick to understand the business objective of Legion and work within the brief for the successful outcome. I can highly recommend John to any organization wanting to establish a presence in Australia”.
:: Joint Venture Partner:
Seven Television Network

Adam Maxted Director, Global Business Development [United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand]

Recent Updates

Collaborative Procurement:

a ‘membership based buying group’ for certified clean energy contractors... for more info, [Send Mail]