In an ever evolving global market, we remove the sourcing and outsourcing complexity; streamline the supply chain from end-to-end; and deliver lowest cost to business.

WHY we do it!

To deliver a competitive advantage to your business.

HOW we do it!

By taking a whole-of-business approach to P+P&SC (Project + Procurement and Supply Chain) management.

WHAT we do

We deliver negotiated savings and realized value benefits that you can trace to the P&L statement of a project, or to a business unit; and to your bottom-line!


Managed Services

Aligning, managing and motivating your suppliers is, well… hard.

It requires a significant investment of time, money, knowledge, capability, skills, tools and commercial nous to get it right… and to keep it right!

Our suite of Managed Services and technology solutions, alleviates the burden of having to build and maintain everything you need to get the most out of your suppliers.

HOW we can assist in your business growth

In a globalised market, the HERM Logic team comprises of specialists. Individually and collectively, each team applies best practice and their collective expertise to understanding your KPI’s and KSI’s; and through transparency and accountability – we deliver negotiated savings and realised benefits to your business; and to your bottom-line.

Group Aggregated Procurement (GAP Program)

Our next generation BPO (business process outsourcing) managed services is the catalyst that enables both sides of business – where
Buyers can source smarter and buy smarter from current suppliers, preferred suppliers and new suppliers withing a robust agile quality assured managed service; and
Suppliers can sell smarter to preferred buyers within a sustainable strategic alliances that secure sales + growth.
The Program continues to deliver year-on-year – between 10% and 35% in negotiated and realized savings to Members.


The value of HERM Logics’  managed services is realized through optimizing and linking disparate processes seamlessly into your current business – without the usual upfront costs, the ongoing implementation and management cost, including gaps, barriers and headaches associated with transformation cost.

This is our Next Generation Managed Service Guarantee to you!

Industry Expertise

o Agriculture
o Building & Construction, including Modular/Pre-Fab Construction
o Federal & State Government
o Imports & Exports Clearance
o Logistics & Distribution
o Low Cost Country Sourcing
o Manufacturing
o Mining
o Technology (IT/ICT)
o Wholesale & Retail


Delivering What Customers Want

based on a foundation of trust, transparency and accountability… since 1995

As an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) managed services group, we apply best practice from end-to-end by taking a consultative approach to business assessment and stakeholder engagement (BASE).

And with a full range of tools and the resources at our disposal, we are able to design, engineer, and commission residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects to scope; and deliver in-full and on-time (DIFOT) with transparency and accountability… and it all started in

Vietnam: 1995 – 2010

The history of HERM Group can be traced back to 1995, when John Musster and his partners successfully secured a 15 year contract with the Government of Vietnam to refurbish and upgrade the ailing cinema theatres of Vietnam into state-of-the-art modern cinema complexes.
[ The Project ]

HERM Logic: 2005 –

John established HERM Logic as a dynamic procurement and supply chain (P&SC) managed services (MS) firm providing project management, procurement and supply chain services.

Clients: State and Federal Government Agencies, Serco (AP), Australia Post, Australian Defence Force, Nortel Networks, Oakton Consulting.
www.herm.logic.com ]

HERM Tech Logic : 2013 –

John Knott and John Musster established HERM Tech Logic to address the demand in smart mobile applications and open mesh solutions.

Today, by combining our technology and commercial know-how of free source solar renewable energy, together with mobile, mesh and internet of things (IoT) smart solutions, HERM Tech Logic offer fully integrated wired and wireless eco-solutions from comparable interoperable smart technologies.

From stand-alone to micro or macro application, we can design and implement the right HTL SmartEnergy automated solution that can be expanded to reflect requirement change… while ensuring your energy security.
[ www.hermtechlogic.com ]

PM4Reno: 2013 – 2015

Following project ‘managed service deliveries’ on the $1B Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth, John established PM4Reno as a ‘Building & Construction (B&C) Managed Service’ for residential, commercial and industrial project wanting remedial works, construction management (owners agent) and project management services.

HERM Built: 2015 –

Within an overarching BIM framework incorporating bespoke cloud (SaaS) technology, advanced project management and delivery techniques, and management system (accountability and transparency) – HERM Built was established as a next generation building and construction (B&C) firm to service, and to deliver residential, commercial and industrial projects to customers wanting comparable competitive fixed-price, value for money outcomes, a stress free environment… in short, a building company that delivers ‘What the Customer Want’.
[ www.hermbuilt.com ]

John C Musster
Group Founder/CEO
Trade Diploma (AIEx)
Lic(ex) (CBFCA)
Practice Expertise

o Business Continuity Planning
o Business Process Management
o Commonwealth & State Procurement Guidelines
o Consultative Business Development
o Contracts Management & Due-diligence
o Direct (Head) & Indirect (Tail) Category Management
o Enterprise Risk Management
o E-Procurement
o Exports & Imports Clearance and Logistics Management
o Lean Manufacturing & Management
o Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
o Probity Consulting
o Project Management
o Procurement & Supplier Management
o Sales & Operation Planning
o Stakeholder Management
o Strategic Sourcing and Outsourcing
o Supply Chain Management; and
o Tender Management (RFI, RFP, RFQ)


I think best when I have a wrench in my hands

If you make a superior product, people will buy it

If you hire only those people you understand, the company will never get people better than you are. Always remember that, you often find outstanding people among those you don’t particularly like

Our Buisness ethic is inspired by the aformention quotes of Soichiro Honda [1906 – 1991, Honda Automotive, Japan]. The testimonials and skill endosements below echo our multi-disciplined commercial expertise across diverse industries, markets, and related business.


NTEL Corporation
Mr. Jason Lim, CEO  |  Head Office: Singapore  |  Industry: Telecoms
John is a gifted visionary who was able to consider probability consequence, put forward viable options and deliver tangible results”
– Business Service: Global deployment of time critical push/pull mobile services

TLC Worldwide Marketing
Mr. Nigel Waters, International Business Director, Australia and New Zealand
Head Office: London |  Industry: Media
I had the pleasure of nearly working with John but as such, did see his work at close hand. The thing that strikes you about him is that he is not just an ‘ideas man’; we all have moments of inspiration from time to time (don’t we??) but John clearly has the ability to see things through to fruition i.e. taking a good idea and making it happen. I am convinced that John will finish up being hugely successful and my only regret is that it is unlikely to be me or my company that will benefit!”

Virgin Blue Airlines
Mr. Geoffrey Pryor, Group Manager, Australia  |  Head Office: Brisbane  |
Industry: Aviation / Logistics
“I had the pleasure of working with John when he was working at Barmy Army England as a client of Virgin Blue Airlines. John, in his role, was responsible for the arrangement and movement of over 1500 guests around Australia as supporters of the Ashes Cricket tour. I found John to be highly organized, very professional, detailed and very personable. John handled the myriad of issues, including international communications and finance related issues, very well. From an customer perspective, the tour was conducted without any operational issues due to the detailed logistical preparedness of John. Also, the tour was conducted with general good cheer.”

Pioneer International / Lafarge
Mr. David Suthons, General Manager, Australia | Head Office: Sydney |
Industry: Building & Construction
“As it is our long term intention that our plasterboard business grow outside Australia and in particular in South East Asian sector, John and his partners were instrumental in securing a foothold for Pioneer Plasterboard’s entry into Vietnam, and securing meaningful construction project in the region.”

Bowin Design
the late Mr. John Joyce, Managing Director and Mentor, Australia |
Head Office: Sydney | Industry: Manufacturing
“As purchasing manager and special projects manager, John was a key member of the senior management team at Bowin Designs. John’s keen commercial sense and tenacity enabled the company to simplify production and reduce lead time from 14 days to next day delivery. John also played a vital role in contract negotiations, securing all key components for the Australia Design Award winning LO-NOx Gas Burner and ensuring Bowin’s ISO 9000 compliance certification. I wish John all the best in his pursuit of excellence as an independent business advisor”

Legion Telecom International
Mr. Adam Maxted, Director, Global Business Development, United Kingdom |
Head Office: London |  Industry: Media / Telecoms
“John’s brief was to assist our entry into the Australian market, firstly by conducting a thorough evaluation of the media and legal regulations relating to premium rate ‘phone services’ and then secondly, to assist in the securing of a joint venture partner. Initially, with only limited knowledge of the audiotext industry, John was quick to understand the business objective of Legion and work within the brief for the successful outcome. I can highly recommend John to any organization wanting to establish a presence in Australia”.
– Joint Venture Partner: Seven Television Network

Qantas Airways
Mr. Guy Waddell, Manager, Group and Convention Travel, Australia |
Head Office: Sydney | Industry: Aviation / Logistics
“I worked with John in the final stages of a large and complex project involving the air travel component for the recent Barmy Army travel around Australia. Such a complex project inevitably comes with various challenges – I found John acted in an open and honest manner throughout and exhibited the highest levels of integrity at all times. Thanks to John’s efforts, from my perspective the tour was a success”

Skill Endosements

Procurement & Supply Chain, Strategy Development & Implementation

Mr John Hanna, CIO
NRMA Group

Mr Adrian Aggett, Procurement Director
Citi Australia & New Zealand

Mr Wayne Higgins, Managing Director
Australian Defence Consulting Group

Mr Leonard Ocampo, COO
Remote Resources (Australia/Asia)

Mr Tahir Rafiq (MBA, MCIPS, B.Eng), Head of Procurement
First Gulf Bank

Mr Marc Watson (MCIPS), Manager-Category Management

Mr Peter Colby (MCIPS), Senior Procurement Category Manager NPS-ANZ

Mr Andrew Kerr, Director
Lebara Mobile Distribution

Mr Homayoun Pourshayan, Foreign Commercial Director
MANA Constructions (Iran)

Project Management, Supplier Management, and Strategic Sourcing

Mr Mark Kyle, Managing Director
Adroit Management Group

Mr Sami Dagher, General Manager Risk & Environment
Accor Hotel Group

Mr Phil Houston, National Industrial Manager

Mr Leonard Ocampo, COO
Remote Resources (Australia/Asia)

Mr Martin O’Dea, P&SC Principal Consultant
Oakton Consulting & Management

Mr Marc Watson (MCIPS), Manager-Category Management

Mr Tahir Rafiq (MBA, MCIPS, B.Eng), Head of Procurement
First Gulf Bank

Mr Homayoun Pourshayan, Foreign Commercial Director
MANA Constructions (Iran)

Mr Neil Bacon, Senior Software Engineer
Oakton Consulting & Management



HERM Logic BPO Managed Services engagement starts with an initial contact with John and the Team.

This is followed by a scheduled meeting with you to establish a “snapshot” of
where the business is at;
where the business wants to get to;
what are the current direct and indirect category spends;
what are the current projects in planning, or in the pipe; and
where are the supply chain risk and issues.