HERM Pitch-Deck


WHY we do it
At HERM, we believed that industry best practice (working-smart) and employee safety (working-safe) will deliver business opportunity, profitability, growth and security contractors in roofing, rooftop solar, HVAC, roofing insulation and construction.

HOW we do it
At HERM, we take a holistic approach to all problems we are wanting to solve.
We apply disruptive leading-edge engineered solutions to address the problems.
We leveraged our expertise in LCC sourcing, lean manufacturing, supply and distribution to produce a world-class product at a globally completive price.

WHAT we do ... since 2018
We manufacture work-smart work-safe solution that enable contractors to expedite work, drive productivity improvements, and reduce labor and
installation cost by up to 70%.

HERM Pitch-deck … “market, there for the taking!”
Today, I am seeking up to USD$5,000,000 ($5M) in capital for our US expansion phase. While funding is critical for our US business expansion and achieving our year-in year-out projections, it is as critical that I have the “right partner/s” who will bring to the table capabilities and drive to underpin HERMs US business that is there for the taking !

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business case for Series C funding