a bright future in a
future-proff business

Self-Employed Manufacturer's Agent (open market/territory)

About You

WHO     You must be a Fearless GUN

WHAT   You want UNRISTRICTED Earning Capability

               You Want $150,000/pa as a minimum because you deserve it!

WHEN   You Want it NoW!

               You have a solid database / network to draw from.

WHERE  Work Locally, across your State and in any other State across USA & Canada

WHY      HERM?

  • HERM has the Number ONE (“#1”) selling material lift-conveyor for roofing and rooftop solar installation. The HERM Ultra lite250 is a go-anywhere portable, easy to transport and quick to set-up lift-conveyor. Since 2018, as a work-smart work-safe lift-conveyor, the HERM lift-conveyor has enabled contractors to expedite work, increase job-site productivity and reduce labor and installation cost by up to 70% … and proven to be industry game changer.

  • Growth Opportunities: At HERM, we believe in nurturing talent and promoting from within. Lead Your Own Team - locally, intrastate and or interstate!

  • Supportive Environment: Be part of a collaborative team that values your contributions > read "About Us: HERM People & Culture"

  • Incentives: Enjoy a Base Commission of 10%; Performance Bonus (aka Personal Best); and $401k options ... see guide below.

Apply NOW!

... if you’re ready to make an impact in 2 recession proof industries and be financially independent - send your resume and a brief cover letter to John (Founder & CEO): johnm@hermlogic.com

HERM 2024 - Manufacturers'' Commission and Bonus
HERM 2024 - Manufacturers'' Commission and Bonus

At HERM, we have 4 Customer Types.

I am wanting dynamic Sales / Manufacturers Reps' ...

[1] With Experience in selling to Contractors
in Roofing and Rooftop Solar!

[2] Wanting Equity in HERM and Uncapped Earnings!

The HERM Customer

  • Profit and Cost-Conscious Contractors who understand "time is money" and will invest in proven technology to expedite work!

  • Efficiency Seeking Contractors who will invest in work-smart technology to boost productivity; to reduce schedule days/delays; and to reduce labor and installation cost (by up to 70%)!

  • Site-Safety Contractors who understand that a work-safety matters... and will invest in technology that reduces downtime, worksite injuries while increasing productivity!

  • Ambitious Contractors who are wanting to leverage work-smart work-safe technology to retain current customers while driving new customer acquisition - local, intrastate and new territories!

... if you are a sales gun who wants equity, high wages ... talk to me about Your Wants and Needs!


John C Müsster [UNSW, MBT]
Founder / CEO
HERM Logic LLC (USA) | HERM Logic Limited (HK)